ELIT Brand Electrochemical Sensors and Computer-based Instrumentation.
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ELIT Aqualysers: Water Quality Measuring Systems

  • These electrochemical analysers measure important parameters of natural waters and aqueous solutions. Currently available are: Ion Concentration, pH, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, and Conductivity.
  • They are connected to PCs with MS Windows operating systems via RS232 or USB Serial Data Transmission.
  • Aqualysers are available in 2 different versions, with different combinations of sensors (details below).
  • Each Aqualyser comes with Software which enables the user to Calibrate, Display and Store the Sensor Signals and the resulting Parameter Values.
  • Data Acquisition Rate can be selected over a wide range.
  • Data are stored in Text form and can be viewed, edited or exported to Excel or any other Software.
  • Suitable for Individual Sample Measurements or Continuous Real-time Monitoring.
  • Simultaneous or separate measurement of all channels.
  • Compact Unit for Monitoring all important Water Parameters.
  • User-friendly Software for MS Windows.
  • Ideal for Research Projects.
  • Suitable for Education and Training.
  • Mainly for Laboratory and Indoor Applications.

    ELIT 9705b Aqualyser
  • Seven inputs for: Dissolved Oxygen, pH, 3 Ion-concentrations or ORP and 2 Temperature sensors.
  • The 4-way Mini-DIN connector accepts Galvanic or Polarographic D.O. sensors with built-in Pt1000 (or Pt100) Temperature Sensors.
  • A 4-way Mode-Switch enables Optimal Adjustment of the Signal Levels of different D.O. Sensors.
  • 4 BNC Inputs and 3, 2mm Reference Inputs allow the connection of 1 pH and 3 Ion-selective or ORP Electrodes.
  • Two 3.5 mm Inputs accept Temperature Sensors with PT1000 or Thermistor elements.

    ELIT 9705c Aqualyser
  • Six inputs for Dissolved Oxygen, pH, ORP, Ion-concentration, Temperature, and Conductivity/Salinity.
  • The 4-way Mini-DIN connector accepts Galvanic or Polarographic D.O. sensors with built-in Pt1000 (Pt100) Temperature Sensors.
  • A 4-way Mode-Switch (on back panel) enables Optimal Adjustment of the Signal Level of different D.O. Sensors.
  • 3 BNC Inputs and 2 of 2 mm Reference Input allow the connection of pH, Ion-selective and ORP Electrodes.
  • A 6-way DIN Connector accepts 2-Electrode Conductivity Sensors with Cell Constants of K=0.1, K=1, and K=10.
  • One 3.5 mm Socket accepts Temperature Sensors with PT1000 or Thermistor Sensor elements.

General Specifications

Dimensions: 280 x 200 x 40 mm, Weight: 700 g.

Enclosure Material: ABS, Protection Class: IP62 / NEMA2.

Power Supply: 6 to 9V DC, less than 100 mA from Mains Adapter or Battery Power Pack.

Connection to the Computer: 2m Serial Data Cable with 9 - 25-way RS232 connector or USB adapter (optional).

Sensor Connections:
BNC Connectors for pH-, ORP- and Ion-selective Electrodes,   
2 mm Connector for Reference Electrodes,   
4-way socket Mini-DIN Connector for Dissolved Oxygen Sensors (with or without built-in Temperature Sensor),   
6-way socket DIN Connector for 2-Electrode Conductivity Cell,
Isolated 3.5 mm Mono-Audio Connector for Temperature Sensor.

Isolation: The Sensor Amplifiers are fully galvanically isolated from the Communication and Power Supply

Sensor Amplifiers: High Quality Electrode Amplifiers with Input Resistance higher 1 Terra Ohm and Bias Current less than 1 Pico Ampere.

Sensors: Accepts practically all Types of pH-, ORP- and Ion-selective Electrodes.
Suitable for Galvanic or Polarographic Dissolved Oxygen Sensors.
Suitable for 2-Electrode Conductivity Cells with K=0.1, K=1, and K=10 Cell constants.
Temperature Sensor with PT1000 or Thermistor sensor element.
When ordering, please specify Type and Make of the preferred sensor.

Measuring Range and Resolution: pH Range: 0 to 14, Resolution: 0.01 pH unit
ORP Range: -1000 to +1000 mV, Resolution: 0.1 mV
Ion-Concentration: depending on the Electrode, all types of Electrodes can be connected
Dissolved Oxygen: depending on the Sensor, most types of D.O. Sensors can be connected
Conductivity Range: 1 µ S to 20 mS, Resolution: better 0.5% depending on the range
Temperature Range: 0 to 100°C, Resolution 0.1°C

The supplied Software runs under any MS Windows Operating System: ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8.

Mode of Operation: Manual (single Measurement) and Automatic (continuous Monitoring).

Measurement Interval (Sampling Time): selectable from 1 Second up to 1 Hour. Monitoring Time Limit can be set.

Gliding Average Data Filter: can be set for averaging from 1 to 10 readings.

Other Features:
Automatic Temperature Compensation for pH measurements available.
Multi-point Calibration Facility.
Measurements are Date and Time stamped.
Measurements are displayed in Real-time in Table format.
Measurement Data are stored on Hard disk.
Data can be retrieved, viewed and exported to many other Software packages.
Data are in Text form using ASCII Characters.

  • All Aqualysers come with: Country-specific Power Adapter, 2m Serial Data Cable (with RS232 or USB connector), Dedicated Software on CD ROM, Detailed Instruction Manual.
  • Last update CCR/15/12/2014